Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy – Known as the “deepest, most luxurious massage on the planet” ashiatsu is a deep compression oil massage that is performed with the feet.  An overhead bar system is utilized for balance and flow.  These long connecting strokes can release chronic back pain and unwind soft tissue damage, stimulating a healthy flow of energy in the body.  This modality is designed for a thicker heavier body type and not recommended for frail or very thin body types.  Recommended 90 minutes for thorough head to toe treatment.

Shiatsu (Acupressure) – A form of bodywork that stimulates acu-points along the energy meridians to achieve balance and the free flow of energy throughout the whole body.  Often with thumb pressure and some use of palms or soles of feet, therapist will either tonify or disperse energy with various techniques.  It feels like a massage but has a different approach in theory, based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and has long lasting effects. As this modality is performed fully clothed, clients should wear smooth, stretchable, comfortable clothing like you would wear to exercise. Straps and rough-textured clothing should be avoided.

Reflexology – Uses the feet and hands as a map to treat the body as a whole.  Especially helpful if pain area is not able to be worked on directly, such as a broken bone, burn, or incision area.

Swedish – A form of oil massage using light to medium pressure in slow gentle strokes for stress relief.  It is detoxifying, pushing lactic acid from muscles and promoting the circulation of blood and lymph.

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Lowertown Massage and Bodywork also provides Chair Massage for Off-Site/Event Massage:

  • Bodywork is a value added service for many health conscious events.
  • Chair Massages are great introductions to massage, especially at business events and locations, as it takes up little space and there’s no changing of clothes or linens. Chair Massage works best for upper body, neck, shoulders and arms.  Recommended 30 minutes per client or less.
  • Tables are great for off-site events as well, and are recommended for sessions that are longer than 30 minutes. It allows the lower back to relax and allows access to more areas of the body.